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Question: Can I order a custom-made piece of jewelry if I desire?

Answer: Yes, if you have a specific stone that you would like a piece of jewelry made from, I would be happy to create something for you. I would ask that you allow me to create a design I best see fit to enhance your particular stone.

Question: I am very sensitive to certain metals. What would you recommend to minimize my skin sensitivity?

Answer: Generally, when people have skin sensitivity to specific jewelry, it is because the metal contains other alloys besides silver. I would suggest argentium silver as it is recommended for people with sensitive skin, tarnishes less and has fewer, additional metal alloys.

Question: What is a signature piece?

Answer: I make many types and styles of jewelry and many are made to keep the price low. A signature piece contains my makers mark and is generally a higher end creation. Not all my jewelry contains my makers mark. I generally reserve that for custom or individually made designs.

Question: How do I care for my jewelry?

Answer: Silver and copper jewelry will tarnish if left exposed to the air. To help prevent this you can keep your jewelry sealed inside a zip lock bag which I usually provide with your purchase. This won't prevent it from ever tarnishing, but it will help. You can also use a tarnish cloth to polish any silver jewelry. You can find them on this website or purchase them for a local jewelry store.

Question: What is enameling?

Answer: Enameling is generally done on a copper or silver base material. It is actually a form of glass which is sifted on the base material and fired at very high temperatures. The glass liquefies and adheres to the base metal.

Question: What is Sgraffito?

Answer: Sgraffito in jewelry making is a process where a form of decoration or design is made by scratching through a surface of enamel to reveal a lower layer of a contrasting color. This is generally done before the piece is fired.

Question: What is Raku?

Answer: Raku generally refers to a type of low-firing process that was inspired by traditional Japanese raku firing. Western-style raku usually involves removing jewelry from the kiln while at bright red heat and placing it into containers with combustible materials. Once the materials ignite, the containers are closed. This produces an intense reduction atmosphere which affects the colors in enamel. The drastic heat shock also produces cracking (known as crackling since it is deliberate). 

Question: What is etching?

Answer: Etching is the act or process of making designs or pictures on metal by the corrosive action of an acid instead of by a burin.

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